11 takeaways from Daniel Jeremiah’s conference call

6) Despite their sixth-place finish, the Panthers could be in a tough spot. Carolina could be missing the top two tackle prospects — “a dire need” for the Panthers, according to Jeremiah — and the Panthers still need another quarterback option. Sixth place overall seems too high to take any of the flaggers in this class, but it won’t be easy for a team to drop out of the top half of the first round.

“For me, if one of the top two guys comes to Carolina, slam-dunk choice. You just take the tackle, plug it in and play it and move on,” Jeremiah said. “I think in their perfect world they would probably be able to get out of six. Get some extra picks. They don’t pick in round 2 or 3. So to give them a few more shots themselves, I think that would be the best result.

“I just know not if you’re going to find a business partner, so if you’re stuck there, if you can get one of those top two tackles, I would. If these guys are off the table , I can see them take Cross – is a great need. – and some teams are really high on him, so I would not be surprised if there would If it was me personally, I would probably in another direction and just take the best available. “

7) The Panthers could also be the most likely team to restart the quarterback carousel, who has been inactive for much of the past month following Indianapolis’ trade for Matt Ryan. Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo remain available, but Carolina has yet to run to the phone to strike a deal.

“You kind of look at where you are. I was talking to a general manager this morning, he was arguing that you were looking at Carolina options, he thought Baker Mayfield was probably the most attractive of all the different options they would have” , Jeremiah said, adding that the general manager was not Cleveland’s Andrew Berry. “Whether in this draft or on the veteran path. … But it makes sense there.

“My thing in this quarterback class, I think there are some good players here, but I just have the thought that keeps coming back to my mind that what you don’t want to do is take a quarterback this year, and then a year from now, say, “Oh my God, we’re back in the quarterback business again.” You know, is this guy really good enough? Those kinds of things linger in my head when these teams are forced to make that decision, whether to go with one or wait.

“All of these teams have done a good job in one way or another having options on campus right now. You know, within their organization they have guys who can line up and play who have experience. So I don’t think they’re going to be forced to take one of these guys. It’s a really fascinating discussion when you look at this class and where these guys could go.”

8) With trades still leading, don’t expect to see much movement in the first half of the first round. Without the best quarterback available, teams won’t feel as pressured to move forward. Add some quality depth to a number of other posts and you’ll see teams waiting to see how the project is going before making their decisions.

Things could get interesting later on Thursday night. With the inclusion of a fifth-year option on all first-round picks, clubs might feel more comfortable coming back in the second half of the first round to take a risk on a quarterback with plenty of power. benefits included, thanks to the team control offered by the first-round rookie contract.

“I think despite all the potential inaction at the top of the draft, I think we could see a lot of action down there, especially when it comes to quarterbacks,” Jeremiah said. “I think that’s where the value is. If you can come back, get fifth year, you know, grab a flyer on one of these guys. I think we could see some action there and see some movement there.”

Michael P. Boser