Saints Transcripts: Sean Payton Conference Call Media Availability

Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints coach
Conference call with New Orleans media
Sunday November 28, 2021

Some of the first impressions of the Cowboys?
“I think you see the speed on (defense on) the board. They get a lot to take away defensively. I think they do a great job with their rush and their cover plans versus who they’re playing. Offensively I think they have really good balance. When they run the ball 100 yards or more they’re an undefeated team this year. They have explosive players at the receiver position. They have a quarterback who plays catch. an exceptional level and one of the best offensive lines we have “First impressions when we saw them, their talent, their training, defensively Dan (Quinn) did a great job in his first year to make this squad play fast, play hard, they really take it out on the passer and you. must defend when you see their attack. “

What have you seen of Dak Prescott’s growth over the years?
“You see the leadership, you see the decision making. He’s someone who makes all the throws. I think he also does a great job extending the plays. He’s been fun to watch.”

What is your relationship with Mike McCarthy and what is it like to find him in the league?
“I think so. He and I were hired the same year in 2006. I have a lot of respect for him. I would call him a good friend. I think he did a great job. It’s good. to see him back on the sidelines. He certainly deserves it. The league meetings, the things we’re all together, it’s just a friendship that has lasted over the years. “

What were your thoughts on Micah Parsons and the work he did with this defense?
“He’s jumping on you. I think more recently about the final position. He’s awesome when he’s rushing, obviously when he plays linebacker the same way. I think when he tackles and rushes he’s a grip. . You see in different games where he plays in different places. Obviously he fits well into their system. “

Was Kaden Elliss playing on the defensive line based on missing players and how did he play that role?
“He was fine. It was really a relief sub-rush role. There weren’t a ton of clichés.”

Michael P. Boser